Elmwood Cards now has a new feature... online programs! Have you ever wanted to learn how to do origami? Want to impress your friends or family, keep your hands busy during work meetings, want a mindful activity to help you relax, quit smoking and need something for your fingers to fidget with? Then try this quick (and hopefully) easy tutorial program to make a cute origami winged heart.

Did you know....

....that Elmwood Cards has a birthday club? 10% discount code straight to you just for signing up and then 30% discount each year on your birthday. Redeemable against any purchase.

Featured Product

Clear sticker ghosts in all the colours of the rainbow (flags!) Sticker sheets of 20 ghosts including all the Pride flags, or select the one most appropriate to you.

During Pride Month 2022 50% of all profits from these stickers will be donated to MindOut, an LGBTQIA Mental Health charity.